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What rights do I have to the prototypes?

We work under the GNU AGPLv3 license unless we state otherwise. We stand by the idea that software and hardware should be open source. However, we will not publish your hardware or software anywhere, we just want to protect us both by having a license.

What rights do I have to the stage props?

As props can be such a massive range of devices and doohickeys we don't have a direct license picked out for your prop. The only thing that will be 100% present in any license is the recognition that we were the one's who designed the prop.

I live in ________ can you ship to me?

As long as your local laws and my local laws allow for the creation of your idea, I will send the prototype anywhere in the world.

How can I work at Leviathan Engineering?

If you are an artist or an engineer we would love to see a portfolio and or resume. We don't have any minimum experience requirement just an interview and a "do it at home" test if you are an engineer.

Sadly, due to how businesses work, if you are outside the United States we would only be able to hire you as a contractor.

Will you make ______ destructive device?

If the object can be classified as a destructive device, ie explosives, firearms, etc. WE WILL NOT MAKE IT. This is to keep us safe, it doesn't matter how cool your automatic grenade launcher racing drone is. However, feel free to send us those ideas as your local PD will appreciate the tip.

My ________ broke can you fix it?

If it was a prototype that we built, it depends. If it was caused by our error, decided by us, we will repair/replace the broken part. We can also likely tell you how to fix it without you needing to send it anywhere.

If the prototype was not made by us, no.

If it is a live event/movie prop, yes assuming it was being used in the case that we designed it for when we sat down together to define the prop's use case. Depending on the location of the event/set we might be able to show up and fix it.

We maintain the right to not fix anything we deem to be damaged outside of the regular use case.

Will you make something that requires your head engineer to eat a banana or be around them for a long time?

No, as he is quite allergic to them.

Why is the website so short?

We believe that good word and work of our company will sell the products its self and we don't need to clutter it with a bunch of pages and stuff that people most likely aren't even going to look at. If you would like to know something about the company ask in the contact us section of the first page.

My question wasn't answered!!!

In the home page there is a contact us section, feel free to send us a message through there and we will get to it as fast as we can!

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