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What We Offer

Leviathan Engineering is a prototyping company focusing on electrical design and firmware solutions. Our mission is to engineer your ideas. If you are an experienced fabricator that needs a control board for a robot, a musician who wants a guitar that flies, or a hairdresser that came up with the perfect curling iron but doesn't know where to start having it produced, Leviathan Engineering has the solution for you.

Prototype Circuit

We will create a circuit for your device. This is great for one off projects or large productions.​

What you get:

The Gerber File, Pick and place, and the BOM for the prototype.

Full Functional Prototype

We will create the entire product and send a working version to you. This is good for if you want to show off a version of your product at a trade show or event, or if you just want someone to create a one off production of an idea you had. Using 3D printers and other prototyping methods to create your device, thus it's not ready for sale, but is a functional device that can be shown off.

What you get:

A functioning version of your idea delivered to your door.

One Of One Production

For when you need that extra flair to your live show or presentation or scene in a movie!

We will build a robust product that can do exactly what you desire it to.

We can't place an exact price on this one due to the massive differences in what the product could be doing.

General Costs and Time

The lowest cost for any of the three options will be around $200 USD and the shortest time will take a week. Both of those can change quite significantly based on the desired product.

Get a Quote

If you have any questions comments or concerns, feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as fast as we can!


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